Manage Your Vehicles

Our Delinquency Management Solution is a complete credit-risk management system for payment delinquencies,asset recovery and vehicle security.

Vehicle Finance and Rental companies can reduce payment delinquencies by as much as 70% at the same time minimize the asset recovery process for financed or rented vehicles and equipment.

Our user frendly web application allows you to send Warning Alerts or Disable Vehicles when delinquencies occur 24/7/365. It also enables you to quickly Locate the vehicles for recovery purposes,reducing recovery costs dramatically.


Power Sports

Real Time GPS Power Sports Tracking

North America Internet & Cellular Coverage

Cellular GPS Alerts & E-mail Notifications

Pro Active North American Coverage In Real Time



Used as an added value to increase revenue and sales by extending credit to a broader customer base. our system will reduce payment delinquency by as much as 80% and will improve overall dealership efficiency. With absolutely NO hidden sign up or activation fees, our devices will remain activated forever at no extra costs.



6 Ways GPS Vehicle Tracking Will Keep The Drivers Safe.

Speed alerts,Geofence alerts,Theft recovery.

Starter Disable prevents unauthorized driving (optional feature)

Quickly give directions,Quickly find/send help if vehicle is broken down.



No external antennas

Free Stop Track

Interactive Voice Recongnition(IVR)

Lowest Cost Service Plan

Low Battery Alert

Multi Geofence Alerts